How much Bubble Bees costs

Many parents bring their children to Bubble Bees on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
On Monday and Friday there are usually less children in attendance.
Support us in planning, and you get a discount.

Babies up to 18 months of age cost more per day, due to the higher legal requirements of the personnel.

Daycare Cost

  Tariffs Daycare Children     Tariffs Daycare Babies  
  per day per month   per day per month
Mon 125 525   140 588
Tue 130 546   145 609
Wed 130 546   145 609
Thu 130 546   145 609
Fri 110 462   125 525

With 5 days at Bubble Bees, the average cost per child per day is 125 Francs, which results in 2625 Francs per month. (4.2 weeks/month).

With 5 days at Bubble Bees, the average cost per baby per day is 140 Francs, which results in 2940 Francs per month (4.2 weeks/month).

Above mentioned prices serve as an example; please check the tariffs at the specific centre you are interested in. Depending on the day of the week and demand price can vary. Check the specific prices here:

Additional day children: 125 to 130 Francs, depending on location
Additional day babies: 140 to 145 Francs, depending on location

25-Hours Child Care Tariffs (morning until lunch), children
87 Francs per morning, additional afternoon 38 Francs (regardless of the day)

25-Hours Child Care Tariffs (morning until lunch), babies
100 Francs per morning, additional afternoon 40 Francs (regardless of the day)

Afterschool* Tariffs
Per day during school time 87 Francs (regardless of the day)
Per day during school holidays 120 Francs (regardless of the day)

Above mentioned prices may also vary depending on the centre.

*Afterschool: Parents can bring their older child to Bubble Bees with the younger child and we do the rest. We will have breakfast with your older child and bring them to kindergarten or school and pick them up again for lunch. They will then remain with us at Bubble Bees until 18.30h.

For additional details please see the Parents’ Handbook or ask for quote at