Parent's Handbook

You will find additional important
information about our centres, such as addresses, tariffs, opening hours and more in the Parents' Handbook. Download it here or order it by emailing us at


Our Philosophy


We strive to provide a safe, respectful and compassionate environment for children. We recognise children as people with valuable views and interests and ensure they feel noticed, heard and understood. |We use and adapt the Swedish early childhood curriculum, which incorporates elements of both Montessori and Reggio-Emilia schools. Our system reflects decades of experience in early education.

Families, Companies, Communities

We value speaking with families regarding their needs and interests through conversations that are truthful, gentle and helpful. We are here to assist both companies and communities that intend to offer childcare either through partnerships or by establishing their own centres. | All our childcare centres carry an official licence and are supervised by the local authorities.


We believe children and educators are companions on the magnificent journey of childhood. Bubble Bees endeavours to inspire and nurture your child’s emotional and social development. We are committed to developing and empowering our staff to become leaders in the profession of early childhood education and care.

Centre Locations

Centre Locations


5000 Aarau

Opening Planned

Baden, Schlossberg / Schulhausplatz

Mellingerstraße 2
5400 Baden

Opening: 4th February 2018


4000 Basel

Opening Planned


3000 Bern

Opening Planned

Dübendorf ZH

8600 Dübendorf ZH

Opening Planned

Frauenfeld / Postplatz

Rheinstrasse 1 
8500 Frauenfeld 

7.00-18.30 Uhr
Keine Sommerferien

Lenzburg AG

Lenzburg AG
5600 Lenzburg AG

Opening Planned

Schaffhausen Bahnhof / Altstadt

Bleicheplatz 4
8200 Schaffhausen

6.45-18.15 Uhr
Keine Sommerferien

St. Gallen

9000 St. Gallen

Eröffnung in Planung

Zürich Beckenhof / Stampfenbachplatz

Beckenhofstrasse 6
8006 Zürich

Opening: 2ndAugust 2018

Zürich City Bucheggplatz

8057 Zürich

Opening: 2019

Zürich City Oerlikon

8057 Zürich

Opening: 4.1.2017

Zürich City Weinberg / Schaffhauserplatz

Weinbergstrasse 137/139
8006 Zürich

Opening: 1st November 2016

Zürich City Wipkingerplatz / Escher-Wyss-Platz

Hönggerstrasse 65
8037 Zürich

Opening: 8.28.2017

Zürich City Zürichberg / Hottingen

Carmenstr. 52
8032 Zürich

Opening: 1st November 2016


6300 Zug

Opening Planned

Core Values


We adopt effective and professional leadership, through supporting and mentoring our educators, which allows them to be engaged, involved and empowered.


We protect the rights of children. We advocate democratic values, along with morals, politeness and respect for other people and our environment.


We provide equal access to our services for all children and their parents, showing fairness and valuing each child’s uniqueness.


We communicate effectively and timely with children and families, sponsors, authorities and all other stakeholders.