Opening Hours

Our daycare centres and afterschool programs are open daily from Monday to Friday from 7 to 18.30h though the hours may vary location to location.

We are open every day – except for the official holiday between Christmas and New Years (25 December to 2nd January) and two half-days per year for internal training.

For parents who would like to only enroll their child for the morning daycare, we offer a 25-hour childcare option. This program would have your child with us from 7 to 12h or in some cases 12.30h. It is closed however during school holidays.

Our afterschool program is intended for kindergarten and primary school children. Parents can bring their older child to Bubble Bees with the younger child and we do the rest. We will have breakfast with your older child and bring them to kindergarten or school and pick them up again for lunch. They will then remain with us at Bubble Bees until 18.30h.

Days when school is closed or there are school holidays the afterschool children stay at Bubble Bees all day.

Other afterschool programs have your child in up to three different locations for breakfast, lunch, and holiday care – but at Bubble Bees your child is always at the same place, and usually with his or her younger sibling.